Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Hello Tzahov families! Our monthly theme of Shapes All Around is “shaping” up to be a lot of fun!

On Monday,  we spent the day highlighting circles while playing with containers and lids. The babies enjoyed filling and dumping,  stacking,  putting lids on and taking them off, shaking them and playing a game of hide the toy,  “making soup”, and enjoying the wind when fanning the lids. An unbelievable amount of fun can be spent playing with reusable containers!

Tuesday was all about how a book is also a square.  We put out books about shapes as well as the babes favorites and a few new interactive sound books that the babies really enjoyed.  Although putting toys in their mouth is the babes’ first means of exploration, we highly discourage putting books in their mouths. Certainly,  they do try, but our older babes really do understand when we say “books are for reading, no, no mouth.”

Wednesday,  a blow up rectangular “ball pit” was set up with lots and lots of balls! The littles had a ton of fun sitting in the ball pit and throwing balls.  The SS Tzahov boat box was also brought out for rides and served as an additional container to dump and fill. 

On Thursday, it was a day for free play.  Toy cars were set out in the morning along with a new stacking/ball fun elephant toy. The babies played with blocks and busses, stacking rings and dolls as the teachers pointed out shapes within the toys. 

Friday was fun seeing all our friends and the siblings at Shabbat in the sanctuary.  The rest of the day was filled with bubbles,  books, favorite toys, and music. The teachers have so much fun playing with your love bugs!!

Next Monday and Tuesday,  you’ll see different faces at drop off. Miss Heidi is out these days, back on Wednesday. We hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

All our best,  Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah