Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Another week of summer has flown by in Tzahov! We talked all about hearts this week!

Hearts were posted in the room for the babes to explore. We would run the babies fingers over the outline of the shape and say, “This is a heart”.

We also sung a song about hearts sung to the tune of Frere Jacques. 

This is a heart. This is a heart.  How can you tell? How can you tell?  It’s rounded at the top. And pointy at the bottom.  It’s a heart. It’s a heart.

As a special Father’s Day project the babes practiced their fine motor skills and stuck tissue paper to contact paper that was in the shape of a heart. They enjoyed feeling the different textures of the sticky paper and the crinkly tissue paper. We hope all you Fathers have a fabulous day!

As usual lots of books were available for discovery and exploration. One book to highlight this week is, “How to Charm a Llama”. In this awesome book the babes can interact with two way sequins. And of course, no week is complete without lots of bubbles in our classroom. It is always a hoot seeing the kiddos immediately stop what they are doing to stare at the bubbles. 

Next week we will focus on stars and we have a fun art project highlighting all the shapes. 
We hope everyone enjoys a relaxing Father’s Day weekend!
Warmly ,Miss Sarah and Miss Heidi