Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Hello Tzahov families!

This week, we played with a variety of toys of different shapes. Monday,  we focused on circles; playing with circle stacking toys, velcro dots on the floor, and circular instruments. The babies are constantly made aware of different shapes in the vocabulary we use when playing.  

Tuesday,  we focused on squares; playing with blocks and shape sorters. Repetition, repetition, repetition. It’s all about exposure and vocabulary repetition. 

Wednesday,  we all gathered together for classroom music time.  We sang all our favorites as well as the new shape songs posted last week.  The babies who were awake during all school music joined with the whole school for music with Cantor Havilio. Singing songs always alters the babies’ moods as well as the classroom vibe. 

Thursday was all about triangles.  We highlighted triangular shaped toys from the room and brought in a couple of extra props. The triangle instrument we brought in created excitement.  All the babes wanted to examine it up close and try it out. 

We also had fun stamping the babes hands and feet for a special ice cream project. The yummy treats are displayed in the hallway outside our door. 

Friday’s focus was on rectangles. Toys in our classroom that are rectangular include soft stacking blocks and duplo blocks. An all shape-oriented obstacle course was created for the babes to crawl or walk over.  Some babes even enjoyed sitting on the higher structures and in the hula hoop. 

We wish Ellie C. a fond farewell as she graduates today from Tzahov. We will miss her sweet voice chatting away and her spunky spirit. We are excited to see how much she grows over the summer and can’t wait to visit with her in the fall at the playground door when she joins the young toddlers.

Next week, we welcome back Miss Sarah and give Miss Heidi a little break in the beginning of the week.  You will see different faces at drop off on Monday and Tuesday.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.

Lovingly, Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah