Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Summer Session Tzahov Families!
We are excited to kick off a new theme in Tzahov of Shapes All Around Us! We’ve introduced new songs, books and vocabulary. We brought out toys like the shape sorter and jars and lids to help teach about all kinds of shapes. As the kids play the teachers have been guiding their finger to outline the shapes. We have also been saying the names of each shape often for vocabulary exposure. A couple of books highlighted this month include “Spot’s Shapes” and a fun book about different shapes found in foods. We also have 4 songs to highlight about a circle, a square, a rectangle and a triangle. Pictures of the lyrics are posted below. Even Twinkle Twinkle Little Star fits our theme. When singing we make the shape of a diamond. Babies really pay attention to the hand motions of the song we sing.

The weather cooperated with us this week and we were able to take the littles for a walk outside. Unfortunately no photos were taken, but we had a lovely walk. To those of you who haven’t already sent in a hat and a light jacket or sweater to leave at school, be sure to send one next week for more adventures outside. Thank you very much to all of you for making the new transition so smooth.

Its is so nice to see all of you at drop off and pick up. We love sharing about their day with you! Next week Sarah will be out of town enjoying all different shapes in the wilderness. Miss Amber and Miss Katie will helping out next week. 
We hope all of you enjoy the weekend and Miss Heidi will see you next week!

Warmly,Miss Sarah and Miss Heidi