Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy end of the week Tzahov and Katom Families!

Nature was the focus this week ending our Signs of Spring theme. We started the week with a lovely walk around the grounds. As we strolled the teachers would point out all of the things we saw like trees, birds, squirrels, geese, flowers and bugs. It’s so refreshing to get out of the room and in nature. The babes are always happy when we take a walk and rush to get to the stroller when they see it enter the classroom. 

Nature was brought into the classroom with a sensory bottle filled with flowers and leaves. The new bottles are always intriguing to the babies as the teachers point and name the different items.

Feathers were brought in for a sensory experience this week. Our younger babies enjoyed touching and being tickled by the feathers, while our older babes used the feathers to decorate a picture of a bird. In addition to the bird art, homemade binoculars and a telescope were made for some bird watching by the window. 

Due to the short week next week we will not have a blog. We look forward to seeing everyone in June for summer session.

Happy weekend, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Noa