Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

[Spoiler Alert: Mother’s Day project pictures included]

We have had quite the week in Tzahov! There are two new faces in our classroom you may see in our blog. We would like to welcome baby Oliver and family to Tzahov! It had been wonderful getting to know him this week. He is such a sweetie.

We would also like to welcome Li Mo to our class. She will be helping out a couple days a week. It has been great getting to know her and see her work with the babies. 

This week started our new theme of Signs of Spring. New books and songs were introduced during circle time. Favorite books read include, “It’s Spring” by Berger and Chanko Sweet and “Are You There Little Bunny?” An Usborne book. “Spring Is Here!” sung to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” and “Weather Watcher” sung to “Frere Jacques” are favorites the teachers sing sporadically throughout the day.

As we read and sung about flowers, birds, trees and bugs, we thought it would be great to go actually see them. We took all the babes out for a nice walk to observe different signs of spring.

Ice cubes were frozen onto popsicle sticks for the babies to have a fun sensory experience. With all the teethers we have, a nice cold popsicle hits the spot. They sure did enjoy it!

Flower sensory bottles were brought to the classroom. And colorful flowers were posted to our bookshelf. We’ve been practicing smelling the flowers and naming the colors. 

Speaking of flowers, a special project was created for all the mothers. Our younger babes enjoyed a sensory experience painting in a zip lock bag, while the older babes got to feel the paint squish between their fingers. Happy Mother’s Day!

And lastly, a very special thank you to all parents and families who spoiled us with gifts, flowers and cards. We feel so loved and grateful for this wonderful, big BSY Family!


We hope everyone has a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!
Sincerely, Miss Heidi, Miss Noa and Miss Sarah