Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

This week was bittersweet. We welcomed everyone back from a wonderful weekend on Monday with new fall touch and feel objects. The babes were able to explore mini pumpkins and gourds. They were super curious and enjoyed the texture and colors.

The end of the week was tough as we said goodbye to Logan and Kate from our Tzahov family. We send our good wishes to Logan in his new school at his mom’s new work. We will miss him dearly. We also send good wishes to Kate as she moves into the toddler room. We know she will flourish there gaining skills and making new friends. We will miss seeing her in Tzahov but look forward to visiting with her at all school events.

Highlights of the week include our new sensory bottles made from nature we collected on an outside walk. The day was beautiful and we know we have to take advantage of these days before it gets too cold. We collected pine cones, colorful leaves, and twigs. Before going into the sensory bottles, the babes enjoyed feeling the different textures of the rough pinecones and smooth leaves.

In preparation for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, we came together for group time listening to a Rosh Hashanah story, hearing the shofar, and sang a Rosh Hashanah song about apples and honey. The babes all got to hold plastic or plush apples while we sang.

Big room time this week was very active. Three of our emerging walkers were cruising around the room pushing toys and practicing their independence. It was very exciting and we were all very proud of them! We also had fun with the bouncy balls kicking and rolling them around.

Every week, music brightens the mood. All the babes stop to listen and dance or move their bodies to their favorite songs. It’s such a joy seeing their new dance moves!

Next week we introduce our new theme of Crazy for Animals. We will sing new songs, read new books, have new pictures on the Velcro board, and create new sensory activities to explore. It should be a great month!

Enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see you all on Tuesday. 

Fondly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, and Miss Hannah