Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov and Katom Families!
This week we continued our focus on opposite vocabulary. It is so rewarding when the babies show understanding. For example, we posted happy and sad faces on the side of our bookshelf and asked the older kids to point out a face the teacher called out. To our delight, they immediately identified the correct face. 

A big highlight this week was art. The babes had an opportunity to stick black and white tissue paper onto contact paper. As they inspected each piece of tissue paper, we emphasized the vocabulary on/off. Other on/off opportunities this week were bibs for snack, shoes and socks and the toy light switch on the playhouse.

Another fun activity the babes showed great interest in was when the teachers passed self propelling cars back and forth to each other. We emphasized the words stop and go as the kids’ eyes would zigzag with the cars. The teachers were very much focused on this exciting activity. Zoom Zoom!

Next week our vocabulary focus will be in/out and loud/quiet. Hopefully, if weather permits we want to get the babies outside for a lovely stroll. 

Fondly,Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Noa