Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Hello Tzahov families,  the babies have had a fun week of play; lots of books, bubbles, and balls.

We wrapped up this month’s theme of Me, Myself, and I by highlighting body parts, families, and feelings as well as naming all of the babies’ abilities. Throughout the month,  we have seen new crawlers, new standers, lots of pulling up to stand, and emerging walkers. My oh my, how quickly their skills develop and how their development guides the activities in the room. 

This week,  we say goodbye to Leo who graduates from Tzahov. We are excited for Leo to move to the new young toddler room but at the same time,  so sad to see him leave. He is a bright, funny, and super huggable guy who always brings the sunshine. We also say goodbye to Miss Lauren and thank her for everything she has brought to Tzahov. Her knowledge and care for the babies will always be cherished.  

The week after spring break will bring a new theme of Opposites. We are looking forward to teaching wet/dry during water play, inside/outside when weather permits amongst others like up/down, on/off, and big/little. We are excited to welcome two babies from Katom as well as another new Tzahov babe. 

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful spring break, Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah