Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and not too thrown off from daylight savings. 

First off, a very special welcome to Everett and his parents! We are so enamored by him and have loved getting to know him this week, even his new classmates are all so curious and interested in him. Another milestone to mention is the one year birthday of Ellie C. Happy Special Birthday Ellie! We hope you and family had a lovely celebration. 

This week our focus was connecting color with emotions. The babes were able to paint using sponge brushes onto paper cutouts of people to represent the many emotions we feel. Each babe experiences something different when they create art. Some kiddos focus on the texture of the paint, while others love squishing the sponge between their fingers. 

Our art project tied in great with a Dr. Suess book called “My Many Colored Days”. This book describes how our moods are often represented through colors. Our older babes have made connections from the book to the multicolored people in the cubbies. 

Next will be our last week of Me, Myself and I. Our plan is to sing and dance our hearts out to the Hokey Pokey and bring all of this months lessons to light. 

Warmly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Lauren