Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Hello Tzahov families,  

We are two weeks into our Me, Myself, and I theme and loving it! We continued naming our feelings and body parts and added a few visuals to the classroom.  A child sized person was affixed to the wall with velcro additions for eyes, a nose and mouth, a heart,  and hands.  The babies have gotten very good at putting the pieces where they belong! We also have pictures of facial features above the mirror so the babes can see themselves as we point out their eyes,  ears,  nose, and  mouth. 

One book in particular that was read to highlight our hands was Hand,  Hand,  Fingers,  Thumb by Al Perkins. It is a sing-songy type book with a great rhythm. The babies love it!  During circle time,  we also included family pictures.  It was fun to see the excitement on the babes faces when they saw Mama and Dada in their picture! The song, Baby Shark, added to our fun.  

Thank you mother nature for the beautiful day last Tuesday! We were able to get outside for a stroller ride around the Bet Shalom grounds. We could have spent many hours looking for birdies and feeling the sunshine, but the babes had other ideas like lunch and nap.  

We say farewell to Ruthie who is moving to the new transitional toddler room.  We are truly going to miss her silly, lovable, and friendly personality.  She is beloved by all her teachers and classmates alike. We are thankful that we can visit anytime! 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Heidi,  Miss, Sarah,  and Miss Lauren