Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Hello Tzahov Families and welcome to a brand new month. Me, Myself and I is shaping up to be such a relatable theme for the babes. Already this week we talked a lot about feelings, body parts and abilities. 

Multicolored people with expressions were added to our cubbies. The littles go from one cubby to the other already recognizing and mimicking the faces they see. Many books were added to our collection showing different emotions. One of the kiddos favorites is a lift the flap baby faces book showing happy, sad, silly, weepy, angry and sleepy. The teachers spend time with the babies throughout the day naming the multitude of emotions that they experience. My, oh my how their feelings change so quickly. 

We love the influence of songs and books to help teach the various concepts of our monthly themes. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is sung on repeat in our classroom, as well as new songs and a special poem. You can find the lyrics in the photos below. Two new books we brought into the classroom are read often. Eric Carl’s From Head to Toe is an interactive book where the babes are encouraged to wiggle, stomp, thump or bend with each turn of the page. The other book, Where is Baby’s Bellybutton? is a lift the flap book asking where different body parts are on baby. The littles love lifting the flaps while sitting in a teachers lap. 

And finally, we highlighted the babes abilities by continuously naming and working on next skills like crawling, pulling up and walking. We are focusing on what stage each baby is at and how we can help their motor development. We do things such as, sitting the babes at a “desk” in front of the mirror to help the pull up. We brought the walkers back into the room for great practice for our emerging walkers. We also brought in the climber for large motor practice within the classroom. 

Next week we hope to spend some time in the big room practicing large muscle motor skills and introduce the family portion of our theme Me, Myself and I. If the weather cooperates and the sun is shining we would like to take the littles outside for a stroller ride. Please be sure to send a jacket to make this walk possible. 

We hope everyone gets to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Warmly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Lauren