Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

It’s Friday! Wow, what a week! When the kids first entered the room they were welcomed with a burst of color. Colorful velcro dots were placed on floor for the kiddos to pull up and play with. The wonderful rainbow of colors added such joy to our room. The babes used their large motor skills to move from dot to dot and their fine motor skills to peel up the dots. The teachers were so impressed when the littles started to recognize and point to the different colors. 

Playdoh was flattened to the highchair tray for the littles to imprint. It was the first time we’ve used playdoh for this group of kids at school. They each got their own container with different toys to use. They all did such a great job and we are looking forward to bringing out the playdoh again. 

Another fun, easy sensory activity the kiddos experienced this week, was colorful, cooked noodles in zip lock bags. The texture of the noodles was intriguing to the babes, as well as the vibrant colors. Overnight the bags were stored in the refrigerator and the cool touch the next day added an extra element of curiosity. 

Lastly, beautiful tie-dye art was created by the babies using coffee filters, sponges and water color. Each one is different and unique. The sponge used for the water colors was fascinating for the littles to touch. 

We hope everyone enjoys a relaxing weekend. 

Warmly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Lauren