Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

“Oh Rainbow, oh rainbow,  how lovely are your colors!” Colors is the theme for February and we kicked off the week with new songs, books, sensory bottles and some new colorful decorations like streamers on the ceiling and a new Brown Bear inspired bulletin board. 

Each day this week the shelves have been arranged with color matching toys. We also added colorful boxes with color matching items. The kids are learning a lot of different language with the opening and closing of the boxes, as well as the repetition of the different colors. Another colorful addition to our theme are colorful sensory bottles. Each bottle is filled with different small items like string, feathers and buttons. They provide great stimulation for the kids to explore. The kids love to shake and stack the bottles. 

Bubbles were a classroom favorite this week. The kiddos know exactly where they are in the classroom. Some babes will crawl up to the high shelf point and say bubble. Whenever the bubbles come out, the babes are amazed by the floating bubbles. They are instantly captivated and love to chase down the bubbles to pop them. 

Photos of the kiddos were added to colorful hearts and they were placed within reach of the babies. This gives them a chance to see their friends and us an opportunity to help the babies with name and face recognition. We are so impressed when they point to their classmates who we name. 

Of course, our week isn’t compete without circle time. We have introduced  new books to go along with our theme. Titles include, “Put Me In The Zoo” and “My Many Colored Days” by Dr. Suess and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. Some new favorite songs include, “The Color Song” and “Four Red Cherries”. 

Next week, we plan to have some sensory fun and create some colorful art. 
Have a lovely, restful weekend!
Warmly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Lauren