Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Another great week in Tzahov. We continued our theme of transportation by focusing on trains this week. The kiddos had a chance to take a ride in a pretend train, we sang fun train songs at music time and the babies created some tire track art with paint and a toy car. 

We are always looking for creative ways to recycle items at school. This week, Miss Heidi made one of the diaper boxes into a pretend train. The babies just love getting pushed and pulled around the classroom in it. How could the joyful expressions on their faces not brighten up a person’s day?!

Another joyful experience we shared was having a puff ball party! Puff balls rained from the sky as the teachers poured them from a bin. The babies even rejoiced in helping to pick up the puff balls and do it over and over and over again. 

We introduced a few train songs during circle time. We sang “The Choo Choo” song and “Down By the Station.” The kids are always delighted to hear new songs. They are so engaged and happy to be listening to the fun. 

Lastly, the kids made art using a car to create tire tracks. The textures mesmerized them. A fun new experience from painting with brushes. 

Today is our last week with our sweet Harper. She is transitioning to the toddler room. We will miss her warm smile and gentle nature. You will have so much fun in the toddler room, Harper!

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Lauren