Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy 2021 Tzahov Families!

First off, we want to welcome baby Cooper K to Tzahov! What a joy it has been getting to know him this week. 

We have had a great first week back at school. We kicked off our week with introducing our new theme of transportation. The classroom is filled with cars, trucks, busses, puzzles, stops signs and a race car track. 

During circle time, we introduced transportation songs, such as The Transportation Song, all about different modes of transportation, including a car, a plane and a sail boat, Down By the Station and the babes personal favorite, Here Comes The Fire Truck. The kiddos have such big smiles when we sing this song. What a catchy tune. The babies also had a chance to look at transportation books about diggers, fire trucks and race cars. 

Some other activities the babies enjoyed this week include playing in the big room, putting puzzles together and riding in a pretend sail boat. The older babies are always excited to play in the big room. It’s such a great space to discover new fun toys to push, pull and ride on. For the younger babies it is a space to practice those tummy time skills or pulling up skills. Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what the kiddos need to liven up the day. Last week a pretend sail boat was made out of a recycled diaper box. It was decorated to say SS Tzahov and the babies had a great time getting pushed and pulled around the room. 

Next week our plan is to create a race track on the floor for the kids to ride or push cars on. We would also like to give the babies a chance to create some transportation art. And if we are lucky, another go round in the big room for the kids to stretch their muscles. 

Have a wonderful and restful weekend. 
Warmly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Lauren