Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday to all our families.  Here’s the rundown of our fun week with your cutie babies.

March brought new things to focus on in the infant room.  The new Jewish value is areivim (we are responsible for one another).  At the most basic level this looks like using gentle touch and sharing with each other. These are things we are always working on with young children, but they will receive extra focus this month.

We added our newest animal to our Brown Bear bulletin board – white dog – which is why we are focusing on dogs and the color white during March.  Thank you to the families who were able to share books about dogs with our class.  We have been reading them all week.  New this week we have a new “pet” dog in our class.  He’s a life-size (inflatable) dalmatian.  While the babies don’t yet love him as much as our (slightly creepy) kitty, they like to pet him and move him around.  Even with his large size they don’t seem afraid of him. He also provides good extra practice for gentle touch.

We no longer have orange fish on our velcro board.  These have been switched out for photographs of dogs. Some are even white dogs. 🙂  The babies spend a surprising amount of time pulling these off the wall over and over again.  We then find them scattered all over the room or stashed somewhere surprising.

Another new addition to the classroom is the collection of feeling photos of all the babies which are now displayed in the extra cubbies in our classroom.  The pictures are at the babies level so they can study the faces and point to them.

Tuesday was Silly dress-up day.  As always you all did a great job participating in the theme days.  The babies were adorable in their mismatched socks and outfits. Their silly bows and crazy hair were charming. The teachers had fun dressing up as well.

This week the older kids worked with dot-dot painters to add black spots to their white dog pictures.  They had a lot of enthusiasm for using the painter, but it was tricky to get it to work correctly. They didn’t seem to mind though.

After music on Wednesday we were able to take a walk with all seven babies.  Usually we always have at least one baby napping, so it was fun to take advantage of the timing and all walk together (inside the building of course). 

We have made several trips to the Big Room this week.  It is quickly becoming a favorite place to play for several of the babies.  It is fun to see them in a big wide open space full of large motor toys.  The littlest babies love to watch the bigger babies running, moving around in the big car, throwing balls, and climbing.  We are lucky to have access to this space throughout the day. 

On Friday we will get out our white ball pit and fill it with white toys to explore. We even have pretend snowballs to play with. We will also attend Shabbat together with all the children in the school.  It promises to be a great day!

We hope you can weather the major snowstorm this weekend. Stay warm and safe.
Fondly,Ms. Katie, Ms. Sarah & Ms. Katie