Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

One week until the official start of spring!! We are really looking forward to walks outside. This week, however, we walked inside. The babies had so much fun looking for dog pictures along the way.

Another adventure outside of our room included the BIG ROOM, every day. The older babies start asking early in the morning and are so excited to run free once inside. They love playing with the balls and ride on toys, crawling through the tunnel, and pushing the grocery carts. Our younger babes are thoroughly entertained by watching their classmates’ non stop activity.

There were two big birthdays this week, Liam and Amber!! The babies were happy to make birthday cards and wish both Liam and Amber happy birthdays.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in books about dogs. The babes love book time!! The babes also love puppies! Miss Amanda lent our room a big, fluffy, long haired, puppy puppet. It’s so fun to see the babies’ faces light up. It is also a great way to remind them of using gentle touch.

Sticking with the dog theme, paw prints were spotted right away on the carpet and a favorite song this week was “How much is that dog in the window?” We had a lot of fun playing with the dogs peeking through the doors and windows of the Little People barn.

This week we have been working on self feeding with our older babies. They are really working on using forks and spoons when eating. Yogurt and applesauce can get quite messy, however, it is so good for them to work on this skill.

We rounded out the week by bringing in Shabbat with singing and a little dancing. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Warmly, Ms. Heidi, Ms. Katie, and Ms. Sarah