Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Is Spring finally here?!  I know we shouldn’t let ourselves be tricked, but it sure does feel good to see the sunshine and feel the moderate temperatures. We are almost at the point where we will start taking walks outdoors with the babies again.  (Please send a jacket and hat with your little one next week so we can possibly take advantage of the lovely weather.)

It was a bittersweet week in our classroom. On Monday our sweet Gus started his transition to the toddler room.  He has been such a nice friend to all the babies and has provided the littlest ones with lots of entertainment.  He will continue his slow transition into next week, but we already know he will be greatly missed. Luckily we will see him each week during music time and Shabbat.  We are excited for his next step, he is ready for new challenges! 

Also on Monday we took our monthly focus on “white-dog” and shifted to white-bear (or polar bear).  We read the book, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? by Eric Carle to the babies.  They loved the big book format and catchy rhythm.  They looked so cute listening to the story while wearing polar bear ears. They even humored us and left the ears on for a good amount of time.  

On Tuesday we created the polar bear paw print display which is now outside our classroom.  We stamped the babies feet on the life size paw prints of polar bears to show the huge size difference!  The babies feet look so cute and little on the giant paws. 

Another fun event was a visit from Ms. Katie’s oldest child (Sylvie) who was home from UW Madison on spring break.  The babies were so warm and welcoming to her, she got numerous snuggles and toys offered to her.  It was fun for her to see all the babies Ms. Katie is always telling stories about. 

On Wednesday the babies got to do one of their favorite things – waterplay! We put a little water, bubbles and white toys in a shallow “pool” for the babies to splash in.  And they definitely made the most of it.  We luckily lined to floor with towels because more water ended up on the floor than in the pool.  So fun! 

Also on Wednesday we attended music with Cantor Schwartz.  We sang songs about the holiday of Purim and interacted with all the bigger kids.  Everyone loves the babies.

Thursday brought our Purim Parade and dress up day.  Thanks for much for taking the time to dress your babies in all their cute costumes and polar bear attire.  We also loved seeing the parents who were able to attend.  The teachers were all polar bears and wore matching ears.  We paraded around the school and ended in the social hall to gather for a snack for the older kids and some social time.  It was festive and fun.

Thursday afternoon while several of the younger babies were napping we pulled out the dot-dot markers and decorated polar bear coloring sheets.  With repetition they are learning to use the art materials appropriately.  The cutest part is that they yell, “dot-dot” the whole time they are using them.  

Friday will bring our Shabbat service and lots of book time, bubble blowing, tower stacking, snack eating, snuggle giving, ball throwing and just plain giggling. That’s it for now from the baby room!

I hope we all get a chance this weekend to get outside and enjoy the weather!

Fondly, Ms. Katie, Ms. Sarah & Ms. Heidi