Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Hello families!
What a strange week it has been. The week started out warm and beautiful and by the end of it, it’s like we live in an entirely different place. 

We began the week by welcoming baby Eliana to our room. She is such a little ball of joy! It is always so fun for us teachers getting to know the new babies that join our room. It’s such a fun experience seeing how unique and different all their little personalities are.

At the beginning of the week, the kids were able to play in the big room. Running around in the big room is always a treat for the babies. They love pushing the carts, throwing balls and running around. Getting out of the classroom to play in such a big space gives the babies a chance to work on those large motor skills and the change of scenery is always nice. 

We had a new velcro wall that included black and white photos of different animals. The babies have been very interested in them.

Some of the babes also enjoyed the change of scenery as we were able to go on a walk before the snowy tundra set in. We are always so amazed by how much they love looking around outside. It reminds us teachers to take time to enjoy the little things. 

In the middle of the week the babes enjoyed music with Cantor Schwartz. We sang more Passover songs in preparation for Passover coming up very soon.

After music, the babies decorated fish that we placed on the window in our room. We made fish using contact paper and the babies got to stick tissue paper on the fish. They enjoyed the different colors and the textures of the crinkled up tissue paper. 

The babies enjoy the different toys we put out throughout the day to explore.

At the end of the week the babes enjoyed Shabbat and Sports Day! So much fun to see everyone dressed up in their favorite teams. We hope everyone stays warm and dry as we get through, what will hopefully be that last snow fall before the warm weather sets in!

Ms. Sarah, Ms. Heidi and Ms. Katie