Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Spring is a time of growth and we are seeing so much of it in our classroom! The littlest babies are working hard on developing core strength through tummy time.

The babies whom are a little bigger are practicing the balance and strength necessary for sitting up on their own. 

We are also seeing babies working hard on crawling, standing, walking, feeding themselves, talking… Every day we intentionally devote time to working with each baby on the skills they are currently developing. We love helping with this process.

Besides all that hard work, this week was filled with books, music and walks. 

We read to the babies throughout the week and also had books available in the classroom for them to look at on their own. A favorite book this week has been, Hand Hand Finger Thumb. It is a rhyming book with a very clear rhythm to the text.  It’s fun to read and tap along to the beat.  We even use the babies hands to tap along with us.  They seem to love it. 

We had music time a lot this week.  Sometimes as casual as singing through a wiggly diaper change and other times as official as an organized songtime with props and shakers.  We sang a few counting songs including “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” (while holding squishy frog toys) and “Five Little Ducks” (while holding rubber ducks).

For our all school music time we met in the Big Room with Rabbi Crimmings leading.

We were able to see our old friends Gus and Finley. Easton was able to reunite with his old buddies during one of the songs. It was very endearing to see their excitement upon being together again. 

The glorious weather allowed several outside walks. We used sunscreen (where appropriate), hats and our stroller’s sunshade to keep the babies safe, but really enjoyed getting outdoors. We heard many birds and frogs in the pond. We saw ducks and even a turkey!  

The bigger kids are getting outside to play everyday now so we are getting many visitors at our window. They peak in and try to see all the babies. Jonathan always looks for Logan, Maya looks for Adam and Colette always tries to spot Kellan. When we can we bring the babies to the window to say Hi! We love our sweet little community. 


We look forward to Shabbat on Friday and creating a group art project next week. 

Enjoy your rainy weekend!

Ms. Katie, Ms. Heidi & Ms. Sarah ️