Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Welcome to summer session. The teachers worked many hours planning and creating summer sensory activities and decor for the classroom.

The babies discovered the garden hideout right away. They have been enjoying crawling in and out and playing with the flowers and garden tools.Another fun discovery was the ladybug lift the flap picture board. The babies really love finding their picture and the pictures of their friends. Many new stacking, sorting, and sensory exploration toys have been introduced this week. It’s been fun playing with them while working on developmental goals. Our theme for the month of June is Our Bodies. All week we have been reading books like The Nose Book and The Eye Book and singing songs like Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.

Monday was our first day missing Easton’s presence in our room. He brought so much joy and humor to our class and will be greatly missed. It was a quiet day of babies exploring the room.

Tuesday, the babies enjoyed group music time counting and singing about ducks and frogs and singing an all time favorite of If You’re Happy and You Know It (clap your hands, touch your toes, touch your nose, shout Hooray). We also enjoyed playing with scarves. The babies love pulling them from their container, playing peek a boo, and in general love the texture and sensory feel of them tickling on their toes. It was also a beautiful day for a walk. The babes seemed to really enjoy the fresh air! 

Wednesday was all school music with the Cantor. We sang It’s a Small World and the Hokey Pokey along with other new songs that the babies seem entertained by.

Thursday brought group story time when we read Where Is Your Nose, a cute peekaboo book with lift the flaps and a mirror. We also read one of the teachers’ favorite, Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.

Friday is always a special day including Shabbat with the school. The older children are intrigued with the babies and love to interact with them. This Friday is also bittersweet because we will say goodbye to Eliana and Miss Katie for the summer. Katie will be spending time with her kids and will return full time in the fall. We may see her a few times throughout the summer on a sub need basis. We will miss Eliana greatly. She is a honey love and hope there is a space for her in the fall. I’m addition, we all wish Miss Hannah a safe and wonderful month’s abroad studying in Sweden and Iceland. We will be looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing her beautiful pictures. We hope you all enjoy the weekend, taking advantage of the sunny weather at least on Saturday. 

Fondly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, and Miss Katie