Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov Families!

It was a quiet start to our week, but it definitely become more busy and lively as the week went on. 

Monday was a beautiful day, so we took advantage of a 45 minute walk in the afternoon. Our two babes enjoyed the stroll outside. 

On Tuesday we worked on a special project for our most favorite dads. It was a clean, colorful, sensory activity that involved painting in bags. The babes loved feeling the different textures and seeing the bright colors.

Wednesday brought a special birthday for our beloved Kate. We celebrated her first birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and decorating the room with the Birthday Banner. We’re so happy to see what year two brings for Kate. Happy Birthday Miss Kate!

Group book time was also entertaining on Wednesday when Miss Heidi read Sandra Boyton books to the class. The babes enjoy sitting and listening to the stories and we love reading them. We love seeing their faces light up as we read Horns To Toes and In Between and Moo, Baa, La La La, Miss Heidi’s favorite book.

Cantor Schwartz sang more songs to the littles during music. The kids enjoyed singing along to songs like, “The World is a Circle”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and the “Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No” song. 

The babes are quickly warming up to some new faces in the infant room. We welcomed Miss Corinne, Miss Clara and Miss Samantha to our room to help out for the summer. The babies are loving playing with them. 

On Thursday, we had so much fun blowing bubbles and using dot dot markers. The babies could watch bubbles all day long. It is one of their favorite activities. 

We also wrapped up the Fathers Day project the babes were working on so they could be ready to hand out Thursday afternoon. We hope you all enjoyed them! The babies worked really hard on them, getting them just right and ready in time. 

Friday will bring us more bubbles, Sandra Boyton books, dot dots and Shabbat. We will also be celebrating another special birthday on Friday, Miss Heidi’s! Happy Birthday Miss Heidi! Have fun celebrating more over the weekend!

We hope everyone has a restful and joyful Fathers Day weekend. 

Miss Sarah and Miss Heidi