Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov families! We hope your week was filled with as much joy as our week. For keeping the transportation theme strong, we updated the classroom door with hot air balloons and added a cutout train on the bookshelf with pictures of the babes and teachers. All week, we have been singing songs related to our theme and devoting some time every day to play with cars, trucks, boats, and the school bus.

On Monday, Miss Sarah brought in many textured fabrics. Thanks to her mom who reupholsters furniture and has an endless supply of fabric samples! The babes really like the polar bear fur one the best!!

Tuesday brought a lot of curiosity with new transportation pictures on the Velcro board. We have been having fun making sounds for the cars, boats, helicopter, and train.

Wednesday was busy with all 6 of the littles, starting with music. Rabbi Crimmings led a lively session singing all of our favorite songs including the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “The Big, Humongous Spider”, “The Super, Speedy Spider”, and “The Super, Silent Spider” – all very entertaining!!

Our day got even better when all 6 babies got to go on a walk. The teachers enjoyed the fresh air as much as the babies!

We also played with the car garage, a toy we don’t play with as often and put together the climbing structure with stairs and a slide – both very fun activities!

Kellan celebrated his birthday on Thursday. We received a special classroom gift honoring his big day. Thank you Colbecks for the fun toy and book!

Our resident chicken puppet brought much joy to the babies as well as puppets we used to help tell stories. The babes enjoyed kisses from the chicken and playing peek a boo with it!!

Friday is always special celebrating Shabbat with the school. We also are planning a ball/dance party. How fun it would be to have a disco ball!!

We wish for you a wonderful weekend and look forward to next week when we will create art with our feet. 

Fondly, Ms. Heidi and Ms. Sarah