Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov Families!

What an exciting week it has been in the infant room, full of art, songs, dancing and giggles! We kicked off the week with an art project making foot print school buses. The babes enjoyed stamping their feet and then seeing the final product. Check out the display outside our door. 

Tuesday was a very busy day, which started with building towers using duplo blocks. The babies love to bang them together, put them in their mouth, build them up, and then knock them down.

Somehow, Tuesday turned into an unofficial stripe day, as Miss Rebecca and many of the babes were all wearing stripes. We loved how all the littles were smiling in the picture. So adorable!

Movement was a focus of the day. We did a lot of dancing and bouncing on our laps. It’s fun when they initiate play with us. They will sign more or bounce themselves to indicate they want to keep playing. 

Music with the Cantor on Wednesday turned out to be nap time for most of our babies. However, we enjoyed music in our room later, once the babies woke up. We sang all the kids’ favorites, including, “Wheels on the Bus” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. After music, we all enjoyed story time. The babies listened so intently and sat so well. It is great practice for the toddler room. 

Everybody enjoyed some Big Room play on Thursday. Cars and trucks were pushed around and ridden, balls were thrown and rolled. There was a lot of climbing through tunnels and over obstacles.

Another fun activity the babies enjoyed was playing with the farm and all the animals. We practiced what all the different animals say. 

On Friday, we will enjoy more dancing, singing, laughter and Shabbat. 

Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah