Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Friday, “yay”day. We had a great week in the infant room.

It started with a gorgeous Monday where we were able to open the windows. It was super breezy and the babies enjoyed watching the mobiles and things hanging from the ceiling as they swayed and moved.

The climbing structure was open for exploration all week. We worked on climbing, balance, coordination, and safety. It sure has been fun watching them as they become more courageous.

Tuesday was filled with blocks, bubbles, shape sorters, books, and vehicles. We love hearing the giggles and seeing big smiles as we play all day. Everyone sat so still while Miss Heidi led group story time. She read the emotions book and Five Little Monkeys. Our littles sure do love books!!

Wednesday brought a new reading center with a perfect sized chair. The babies were happy to sit and look at books themselves as well as listen to stories over and over again. Some of their favorites are Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb; Freight Train, and Put Me In the Zoo.  

We also transformed a diaper box into a boat/train. The bottom of the box was cushioned with the fuzzy, polar bear fabric. We sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Wheels on the Bus”, as well as the “Choo, Choo” song while gently moving the box along the carpet. Everyone got at least one turn although some babes enjoyed it more than the others.

Later in the day, the box turned into a drum. Even at an early age, imaginative play is practiced and encouraged.

Cantor Schwartz led a very engaging music session which we all enjoyed! Everyone was awake so they all got to sing and dance.

On Thursday, we built towers, threw balls, read books, pushed around cars, crawled over, through, and around the play structure and encouraged developing the skills each baby is working on.

We also had an opportunity to go out for a walk when all the babes were awake. The highlight for some babes was seeing airplanes in the sky.

Friday brings Shabbat in the morning and sensory play including playing at the water table and using dot dot markers.

We hope your weekend is filled with love and laughter and we look forward to next week where we will shift themes from Transportation to All Things Silly. 

Lovingly, Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah