Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Good afternoon Tzahov families! We hope you had a great week. This week flew by for us, as we were busy blowing bubbles, reading books, building towers, playing with with scarves, singing, dancing and climbing. 

Our day to day activities may look the same, however, each baby grows and develops in their own unique way. It allows for them to revisit the same activities as they build new skills. 

This week, while playing with the scarves, the babies enjoyed feeling the cool air as we brushed the scarves over their faces. They love pulling the scarves out of a repurposed wipe container. It is a great fine motor skill activity. 

When playing with jars and lids this week, we added Pom-Pom balls and spoons. We all enjoyed pretending we were cooking soup. The babies practiced opening jars, putting in Pom-Poms and of course, dumping them out and then doing it all over again. 

The babes are always learning about cause and effect. This week, to help foster that skill, toys were set out to explore. Some of their favorites have been the house, which plays a tune each time they open doors or windows. There is also a “radio” where many of the babies know if they push a button, it plays a song. They also loved turning dials, flipping a switch and again, pushing buttons on the pop up toy. 

Our midweek highlight was music with the Cantor. All of our babies were able to attend. We all enjoyed singing and dancing. The theme of this week seemed to be singing about the world. We sang, “It’s a Small World”, “The World is a Circle” and “It’s a Wonderful World”.

Later in the week, the littles were able to play in the big room. They enjoy exploring the big space and pushing around different cars and bikes. 

Next week, we will dive into our new theme of “All Things Silly”. We will be singing, “Shake Your Sillies Out” and reading books about silly monsters. Can’t wait! It should be fun. 

We hope everyone has a restful weekend!

Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah