Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Welcome Claire, Eve, and Anna to the Tzahov family. We are all so very excited to get to know you and have already enjoyed playing and sharing fun times. Also, big sister and brothers truly loved having their siblings at school!!

This week, we were amused by the babies as they played with the new Velcro board emojis. The silly faces fit our new theme of All Things Silly. The door display of ice cream and sprinkles was fun to show the babies. Many of the babes really show an understanding of imagination play when we make yummy sounds and pretend to eat the ice cream and they mimick the sounds.

Staying with the silly theme, silly songs were played all day on Pandora. Favorite songs have been “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and “Baby Shark”. The book, Tickle Monster, has created a lot of attention, especially the monster puppet glove! The pictures in the book are fantastic and the tickling is fun, too.

Lots of towers were built and lots of towers were knocked down. “Kaboom!” was always followed by lots of laughter!!

Last Friday, a large, sensory, shimmery streamer was hung from the ceiling. All of the babes have enjoyed rubbing their fingers through it, grabbing it, crawling or walking through it, and even playing peek a boo through it!! Thank you Miss Amanda from Pre K for this great addition.

Our song props which include puppets and plastic animals came out a lot this week when singing “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” and “Five Little Ducks”. The babes love repeating songs like these.

The babes also really love bubble time. It is a calming activity we do almost daily. It quickly captures the baby’s attention and is a distraction for when anyone is out of sorts. Another fun distraction are puff balls. The babes are always amused when playing with them.

The”radio” on our toy house continues to be a source of excitement. Pushing the buttons and hearing the songs have created many dance parties!! These kids really love music!!!!

We wish you a wonderful weekend and we look forward to next week when we’ll do a sensory art project with a spiky ball and paint. Oh boy, it could be messy!!

Fondly, Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah