Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy blog day. We hope you have had a wonderful week like we have had. Dress up days are super awesome especially when you can come to school in your jammies!! Monday was a comfy day where we read a lot of books and played on the mat.

On Tuesday, the babes experienced flashlight fun. The stormy dark weather outside gave us a perfect opportunity to turn out the lights inside and play with flashlights. The babies had such fun trying to grab the lights. 

Wednesday, our “not so baby anymore” Adam, spent some time in the toddler room getting to know the teachers, new friends, and what to do as a toddler. This was Adam’s last week in the Tzahov room. We will miss him like crazy but we know he is ready for more toddler fun!

In the Tzahov room on Wednesday, we had fun playing with sensory bottles.. shake, shake, shake and knock’em down and then repeat.

All school music with the Cantor was great, especially when we sang a song about jumping frogs. The babies were amused watching everyone jump around! In honor of polka dot and stripe day, the babes did dot dot art. Some babes needed assistance as they are still developing their fine motor skills and some babes really enjoyed banging the dot dot markers on the paper themselves. Regardless of the final product, the process is what helps them build skills for the next experience.

Thursday was all about climbing. The stairs and slide were set up and the babies loved practicing their large motor skills.

We also set out the dolls, baby blankets, and play bottles. We had fun modeling how to hug, kiss, and rock the babies. Our real babies loved nurturing the dolls. Playing with the dolls also helps us teach gentle touch and caring for each other.

Friday brings Shabbat and our last day of summer session. We will miss all of you next week. We’re looking forward to the start of fall and a new year of fun!!

Until then, Ms Heidi and Ms Sarah