Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

What a wonderful week we have had in the Tzahov room. It all started on Monday with a large bucket of red, orange, and yellow toys. The babes love digging in buckets, sometimes dumping the buckets, but truly love finding treasures to play with. We enjoyed watching their creativity as they explored the different toys.

Fall themed books were read to the group and we sung our fall leaf songs.

Tuesday was an all out sensory party when ziploc bags stenciled with apples and filled with paint were taped to the cubbies. The mobile babies enjoyed squishing the paint and seeing the paint spread. It was a new experience that sparked joy.

We also joined together as a group for more story and music time. The babes sat so well and were entertained by Miss Sarah’s story voice and hand motions to the songs.

Wednesday brought music with Cantor Schwartz and another sensory experience. This time, sticky paper was attached to the side of a toy shelf, sticky side out. Babes enjoyed pulling off fabric leaves and feeling them in their hands. By the end of the day, other toys were stuck on the side and the babes were amazed that they weren’t falling, contrary to what they thought would happen. 

Thursday was picture day. We loved seeing everyone in their cute outfits and even some with beautiful bows. The day was filled with lots of free play time.

Friday morning we celebrated Shabbat with the school and went on a leaf hunt in the afternoon. We’re hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

Fondly,Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, and Miss Hannah