Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov parents and a big happy 1st birthday to Ruthie!! 

This week in Tzahov, we had fun with new toys. Miss Heidi is always on the hunt finding toys and books for bargain prices and often for free! This week, the babies enjoyed a play kitchen and a new musical walker. 

Art this week was super fun and super messy. The babies finger painted paper towel tubes which will be made into turkey windsocks. The finished products will be used as decor for our room and will be sent home the week of Thanksgiving.  

Toys that sparked joy and were popular this week included big Chunky peg and painted wood puzzles. The babies also loved chatting on the phones and climbing on the foam structure.  

One fun activity we did to help out some babes who are teething was to offer ice pops. Water was frozen with a popsicle stick and given to the babes. It was soothing for sore gums as well as a great sensory activity. 

As always,  books and music were enjoyed by all. We have a large book with number buttons that the babies love to push as well as an adorable Sandra Boynton book, One, Two, Three! that is  admired by the babies and teachers.  Some songs on repeat this week were The Ants Go Marching and This Old Man.

Next week, we are looking forward to another art project, different books, and more songs as we turn our focus to the ABC’s. 

We hope you all stay healthy and enjoy your weekend.
Warmly, Miss Heidi,  Miss Sarah, and Miss Lauren