Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

It’s been a week full of play! Sensory play, parallel play, independent play, and imaginative play are all kinds of play that we observe daily in Tzahov.

Some items that foster sensory play are the musical toys, fall scented squeeze bottles, and the various art experiences we offer. 

Parallel play is a form of play we see quite often when the babies each have their own toy yet are playing adjacent to each other. The babes are still learning to trade toys and not just take them from each other! 

Independent or solo play time provides an opportunity for the babies to explore the room, become self reliant, build confidence and take pride in their accomplishments. We are always nearby and watching while celebrating their independence.

Examples of imaginative play are evident all day long. The babies are seen using toys as hats, pouring tea, rocking babies in the rocking chair, pushing cars and trucks, and talking on the phone. It’s wonderful to see their developing imagination!

We had such fun with bubbles this week. Bubbles always bring joy and laughter and an escape from cranky babies. They are also so magical and calming. We all love bubble time!

To finish up our month of fall fun, we created pumpkins with the babies hands and fingers. All of the babies enjoyed this sensory activity and we hope you enjoy this cute keepsake. 

We also loved seeing all the babe’s festive clothing and costumes this week! 

Next week, we start our new theme of ABC’S and 123’s. We are looking forward to fun songs, great books, and a Thanksgiving themed art project.

Warmly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, and Miss Lauren