Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

We’re still on our theme of fall fun, but it sure looks like a winter wonderland outside!

We have had some great fun in the classroom this week! Highlights include new large motor development, art, balls, spices and seeds. 

We were so excited to see our crawlers emerge to standers, and even taking a step or two this week. It is amazing to see how brave the babes are everyday; trying news ways of moving around the classroom. Encouraging them to take steps, while capturing a photo is always a fun challenge for us throughout the day. 

In the middle of the week, the kids had a chance to work on a sweet smelling art project. The teachers placed food coloring and different fall spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice in a bowl then the kids used the mixture to paint onto coffee filters. The lovely fall scents permeated the room. What a fun art project using all of their senses. 

A highly sought after activity by both babes and teachers is the infamous “ball party”! A large container of light plastic balls is set out on the floor and both babes and teachers partake in throwing the balls. The teachers enjoy making a game of it and the babies love watching our enthusiasm. What a great stress reliever for everyone!

Miss Lauren brought pumpkin guts in a zip lock bag for the littles to explore. The sensory experience was enjoyed by all.

Our new fall scents brought to the room this week were all spice and nutmeg. The babies love, shaking, banging, squeezing and smelling the bottles. It sure beat the smell of the diaper room!

As always, the babes love circle time. We enjoyed reading more fall books and singing our fall songs, using our various musical instruments. 

Next week will bring our last week of fall fun and then onto our theme of ABC, 123. 

We hope everyone stays safe and has a relaxing weekend. 
Sincerely, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah and Miss Lauren