Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

It was a fall fun week in Tzahov. Monday was a comfy PJ day. We all enjoyed lounging around in cute pajamas, reading books, exploring the room, and smelling a new fall scented spice bottle.

This week, star anise, a star shaped spice which has a licorice-like aroma was introduced.

One book that was especially fun to read was a super large book, Going on a Leaf Hunt. The babies loved the sing-songy rhythm of the book and the extra large pictures!

On Tuesday, some of the babes created a dot dot pumpkin. They especially liked banging on the highchair with the dot dot markers. Later in the week, more babies created pumpkins by squishing paint in ziploc bags.

Also on Tuesday, we played with soft pom pom balls. It was fun to dump and fill, tickle their skin, and toss them around. 

Wednesday was music day on zoom for all of BSY. We don’t always have a chance to join on zoom due to sleep and feeding schedules but spontaneous music time in the classroom occurs quite often. It is a great mood changer and always brings our class together for a lot of fun. 

All week, we interacted with the giant tree taped to the floor. The sound of the paper on the carpet, the 3D effect of the branches and the peek a boo flaps all added to the realistic nature of the tree.

In addition, a smaller tree was drawn on contact paper and affixed to the wall, sticky side out, so the babes can put on and pull off leaves as they please. On Thursday, we brought to life the lyrics of the song, Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down (see previous posts for the lyrics) with falling fabric leaves. The babes were delighted and giggled with joy. Oh, what fun!!

We have started noticing some great leaps in social development. We see strong friendships forming. Despite using the phrase, gentle touch and it’s so and so’s turn, the babes look forward to seeing each other every morning and enjoy playing side by side.

Friday brings more fall fun as well as one step closer to the weekend. We hope you have a great one!

Warmly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, and Miss Lauren