Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

What a great week we have had in Tzahov!  We have enjoyed lots of singing, dancing and exploration of our fall props.

Starting Monday, we dove right into our fall theme playing with different sensory bags filled with leaves and flowers. The babies showed curiosity through their examination of what’s in the bag, as well as the sounds of the leaves. Cloves and cinnamon filled sensory squeeze bottles, providing sweet smells for the littles to experience. It was so cute seeing their different facial reactions to each smell. We hope to bring in more fall smells next week. Pumpkins and gourds were also set out this week The peculiar shape of the gourds piqued their interest in touching, shaking, banging and yes, even tasting. 

As much fun as it was bringing fall into the classroom, it was even more fun to experience fall outside. On Tuesday, some of the babies had a chance to take a stroll outside, while some others were sleeping. The babies loved seeing the flowers, touching the leaves, seeing the turtles and taking in the fresh air. We even had a chance to look at the sukkah. The sukkah is built every year for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot to remember the Israelites who would gather the harvest foods. As the weather permits, we will continue to take the babies out for weekly walks.

Back in the classroom, some littles participated in an art project. The teachers cut out leaves and put contact paper on the back. The babies then stuck different fall color tissue paper onto the leaves. What a fun activity to work on those fine motor skills. Their beautiful leaves made wonderful decorations on our window. 

Wednesday was a busy day. One highlight during circle time was when the puppets were brought out. Their eyes lit up and their smiles widened as the teachers sang songs and danced the puppets around. Oh how joyful!

Jars and lids were brought out on Thursday, as well as colored shapes. There are so many different activities we can do with these objects. We talk about simple sorting of the colors. We stack, roll and shake. We even play a simple game of, “Where is it?”.

Some new fall books were also brought in for the babies to read. Some titles include, “Touch and Feel Fall” and “I Love Fall”. Thank you Amber for purchasing these great new books! Our babies love the different textures while flipping through them. The babies love books!

Friday, we hope to have a ball party! That is one of the teachers favorite activities. A big box of balls are taken out; let your imagination go free!

Next week, we look forward to a messy art project and even more singing and dancing. We have everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Stay safe. 
Warmly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah and Miss Lauren