Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

What a great week we had in the Tzahov classroom!

First and  foremost, we would like to welcome Miss Lauren to Bet Shalom Yeladim and to our classroom. We are excited to have her and she is already made a big impression on the littles.

The week started with the teachers cutting out the stamp art that the kids made last week into animal prints and taping them to the floor. The footprints piqued the babies interest and it was fun seeing them crawl from print to print with such curiosity. Another project this week was done by some of our older babes. They used wide paint brushes with brown paint on pink paper to create the look of piggies playing in the mud. They enjoyed the special project and getting messy. 

Some good clean fun this week included water play. The babies absolutely loved splashing in the water. Each child had their own bucket of water with their own set of toys to play with. This activity definitely kept them busy for quite some time. It was entertaining for the teachers too, as they splashed with such enthusiasm. 

During circle time, the babies had some time to shake, rattle and roll sensory bottles filled with everyday items like beads, buttons and bells. Some have colored water. Some are clear. Some make noise and some are rather quiet. The different items and sounds intrigue all the babies. We also read many books about dinosaurs and sang our new favorite animal songs. 
The leaves are now changing colors and summer is officially over. This was our last week of Animals and we are looking forward to next week when we start our new theme of Fall Fun. We can hardly wait for walks outside to see the leaves, new fall themed books and songs, and fun sensory projects.

We are so happy to celebrate Harper’s 1st birthday, today! Happy Birthday sweet Harper. 

We hope everyone has a restful weekend. For our families who celebrate Yom Kippur, we hope you have an easy fast. We will see you all on Tuesday. 

Sincerely, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah and Miss Lauren