Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shabbat Shalom Sagol families and welcome to the first week of “fall” session at Bet Shalom!

This week we welcomed Jack, Hannah, and Cal from the toddler room as official preschoolers! We also welcomed our new friend Wallace for his first week with us! This week was all about an introduction to the preschool room and everyone has been doing a super great job adjusting!

All week we followed the first unit of the Second Step program promoting social-emotional learning!

On Tuesday we met our puppet friend “Sagol” and talked to him about being in school for the first time. This included practicing saying everyone’s name, saying hello, and making eye contact with each other. 

During group time I also introduced all of our play centers and expectations for each area, as well as the routine for our daily helper and calendar!

Wednesday was Wallace’s first day! The rest of the class were great at showing him kindness to make him feel comfortable and have fun.

Our group time focus on Wednesday was talking about the classroom rules which are 1. Be safe and 2. Be kind. When everyone is remembering to do their best at following safety rules and showing kindness when they can, then the whole class can have fun! 

Today was also a different kind of music class because it was upstairs in the social hall! It was exciting to sing and dance in a new place for the first week with all the classes together.

Thursday morning started with some fun sensory action at the table with playdough!! Each friend made their own imaginative creations like rolling out pancakes and cutting up chocolate chips.

Then some friends decided to make craft projects with stickers!

At group time the helper, Colette, modeled how we do calendar and the weather. Someone new will get to be the helper each day to get a turn showing the calendar and being a line leader!

Friday we will have Shabbat all together in the sanctuary. Brooklynn will be our Shabbat helper!

Next week we will continue learning about the school and exploring the classroom toys and routines. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Maddie