Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)


We had another exciting week in Sagol, although a short one.  This was our last week with the post office for dramatic play.  Starting next week we will have Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses.  If you have any fancy dress up things that you are not using we would love the donation.  We mostly have hats and I’m making crowns this weekend. It should be fun!

On Tuesday we started talking about problem solving in second step.  Last week we learned to calm down and name the problem. This week we are coming up with solutions to the problem (taking turns, playing together). Our art was T is for Tree.

We had our first day of Show and Tell with Marko, Lila, Elijah and Isaac sharing. Some children also had things that start with Tt to share.

We also did a science experiment with water.  I showed the students how a sponge soaks up water, but the water is still there. Then I showed them a powder (instant snow). I asked the students to guess (make a hypothesis) what would happen when I put water on the powder.  We had some great guesses, but they were all surprised that it turned into something that looked, but did not feel, like snow.

Wednesday was a snow day.  I hope it was wonderful for everyone.

Thursday we continued to talk about problem solving.  Carles and Isaac had “show and tell”. Lila brought in tape that starts with T.  Our art was t is for tire tracks. There personal pictures went into their alphabet binders with their trees, but the group mural is in the hall for all to see.  

The children are starting to show preferences for certain songs at song time (the helper gets to choose the song). We have sung every song that there is a song card for so they often know just which one they want.  Our new friend Jonathan joined us today. All the children were very welcoming.

On Friday Marko will be our Shabbat helper!  He is very excited. We will do some independent art work (there are some children who have missed some letters for their binders who can choose to work on those).  We will also have another science experiment. This time we will see what happens to salt and sugar when they are added to water.

Next week we will be studying the letter Uu.  We will also start our new dramatic play. We will be working on the last week of second step, however, we will continue to do refresher work every week.  I will be out Thursday and Friday next week to make sure everything is ready for my daughter’s wedding on Saturday. I will bring in pictures to share with the children later.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Miss Katie and Miss Sam