Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we have been working on friendship! 

Monday – We started our week learning about the days of the week and the alphabet. We sang the today is Monday song and read the book It’s Ok to Be Different. For group time we worked on a friendship tree and we traced the letter A and B.

We had show and tell and Kate was the star student of this week.

We went outside and collected treasures from nature to send them to a school in another state. We will be receiving nature treasures from them as well!

Tuesday – During circle time, we talked about friendship and what are ways to show kindness to friends. We listened to the song “Be a Superhero” which talks about how to be a good friend.  We talked about colors and worked on color sorting.

During group time, we worked on a fingerprint friendship flag!

We read a book by Lio Lionni called A Color of My Own. We spent time outside since the weather was wonderful! (Some friends started theater class)

Wednesday  – We talked about friends, learned about shapes, and read the feel good book.  After reading the book, we talked about things that make us feel good. We worked on a matching fruit activity and we made friendship bracelets. Each child made a bracelet for one classmate! 

Thursday  – We read a book about kindness and learned about opposites. We talked about snow and we played with playdough. We practiced fine motor skills but using scissors to cut playdough.

We danced and moved our bodies to the “1 to 100 song” by Jack Hartmann and we had Hebrew class!

Friday – During our group time we sang friendship songs and we listened to Leonardo, the terrible monster story. In art time, we made friendly monsters!! We started learning about yoga and worked on some yoga positions. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Miss Nathaly and Miss Whitney