Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

We were so excited to have all our friends back at school today!! We spent lots of time outside running around and catching up! Some of our pinto beans were ready to be potted, which they were so excited to do!! We worked on a class painting of a spider web and crafted with bingo daubers. I love seeing how creative they get. 

Tuesday we spent the morning playing with “monster slime” and playing pumpkin patch. We also did a spider web obstacle course that the kids absolutely loved. They were laughing so hard! We bundled up and got on the field for soccer after lunch! 

Wednesday we played with more monster slime and also painted pumpkins with golf balls! Our pumpkin patch is displayed in the hallway. We also did a science experiment. We put water and vinegar in a ziplock back, and combined it with baking soda. The baking soda made the bag expand and pop open! 

Even though Thursday was a rainy day, we didn’t let it stop our fun! We started our morning by making spooky houses. I loved seeing their creativity shine through this activity. We also painted pumpkins! Which the kids had a blast doing. We had a group conversation about Halloween, and what we were all going to be. We can’t wait to see each other’s costumes on Friday!

Friday we had an awesome time playing with each other in our costumes. We also made bracelets!! We also practiced our balance on the spiderweb on the floor. We can’t wait to talk about friendship next week. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend. 


Ms. Whitney & Ms. Nathaly