Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Monday was a beautiful day! We enjoyed some time outside on the playground and going on a walk around the pond. We also played with play dough and animals, it was fun to see the different footprints. We also did some farm yoga! They were surprisingly really into it. 

Also on Monday we welcomed Ms. Nathaly to our class. Here is a little bit about her…My name is Nathaly Maldonado.  I have 2 children ages 16 and 15 and a 3 year old dog named Coco. In my free time I like to hike, cook, watch movies and spend time with my family.  I have been working with preschool children for about 6 years. I am currently working on my bachelors in Early Childhood Education and I am happy to be here at Bet Shalom. Thanks for the opportunity to work with your child!

Tuesday was another beautiful day!! We love this fall weather, and celebrating pajama day! We played a game called “feed the pig” which helped us with our numbers and counting skills. We also decorated a corn cob out of paper and Cheerios. They loved pretending Ms. Whitney was a cow and would pretend to milk the udders on her pajamas. We had another successful day at Soccer Shots, the kids are starting to get pretty good!  

Wednesday we spent the rainy day inside. We washed our pumpkins that we will be painting next week. They loved playing in the soapy water. We also read the story Scribble Stones, which tells the story of friendship rocks. Which are rocks you paint and add to a public location for someone else to take or add new art to. Ms. Whitney will be placing them around town next week! We also enjoyed singing at music. 

Thursday we made some magnificent towers out of plastic cups. I don’t know if they liked building it or knocking it down more.. probably both! We got our Picasso on and painted our very own barns. Some friends were so invested they made a couple! After lunch we took Nathaly on a walk around the pond to show her all our favorite spots. We tried to take a group photo but it is impossible to get them all looking in the same direction. 

Friday we painted with cars, it was fun pushing them across the table and watching the colors mix. We also did a science experiment, magic milk! We had a bowl of milk and put drops of food coloring in it. Then we put dawn dish soap on the end of a cotton swab and stuck it in the middle. All the colors get pushed out and it makes a pretty tie dye design! We had another wonderful week and can’t wait to talk about fall next week! 

-Miss Whitney, Miss Nathaly, and Mr. Eric