Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Happy Monday! We started our week by talking about the farm! We learned some new songs called “All around the Farm”, “Red Song”, and “Grandpa’s Farm”. We also learned how to say hello in German, which is Hallo! We painted flowers out of forks. Another thing we did was added pom poms to our fake sheep. 

Tuesday was a very chill day! We only had four friends at school! We spent the day playing with slime and exploring the new Halloween sensory bin. We also spent lots of time outside enjoying the nice fall weather we’ve been having.

Wednesday was another chill day! We spent our rainy day full of sensory activities. We played with slime, kinetic sand, and the sensory bin! There were only three friends today so I let them take the lead on their learning today. We also went on a walk, it was so windy it almost blew us away!

Thursday we were back to five friends and we were so exited! We spent lots of time playing together and catching up with friends. We also decorated our houses for our pinto bean plants and played with frozen flowers. It was a fun sensory activity. 

Friday Miss.Whitney was gone and Eric ran the show! The kids went on a walk around the school looking for all the shapes. We also painted with flowers! Next week we will continue to talk about the farm and we will introduce one of our new teachers Miss Nataly! 


Miss Whitney & Mr. Eric