Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Monday was a beautiful day! We started our morning with morning meeting, where we talked about different solutions that might work when we are having a problem. We also learned about the inside of eggs. The kids worked with Mr. Eric to figure out which animals belonged on the farm and which ones didn’t. While we were outside the kids played a game of jaguars in caves. After that we went inside and painted with watercolor to reveal the secret message underneath. 

Tuesday was an eventful Day. We switched out the toys and the kids were so excited to play with the new ones. Outside we did farm themed movement cards. The kids loved galloping like a horse. We painted mud onto pigs, some of them thought it was real mud and were getting very upset when it got on their fingers.we assured them there was nothing to worry about! We had soccer with coach Mia, they were excited to show her their new moves they’ve been practicing. 

Wednesday was a hot one out! We got to enjoy music class in the sukkah. We played outside on the playground and the kids were pretending they were frogs. We did some open ended art with stickers, washy tape, and markers. It was fun seeing them all create something different. We played a ladybug game, it’s sort of like candy land. The kids loved playing and learned how to take turns. Eric made paper airplanes and they were a huge hit.

Thursday we enjoyed our time outside. We read the book “I love my hat” during morning meeting. We had a great time using our imagination to create barns out of blocks for the farm animals. We also painted using animals, it was interesting seeing the different footprints they make. 

Friday was a fun day! We pretended to be farmers and milk cow utters ( plastic gloves), and we also sorted animals depending on how many legs they have. Next week we are talking about fire safety. Have an amazing weekend and we cannot wait to see you all next week. 

Ms. Whitney and Mr. Eric