Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

We had a great start to our first Monday of the school year! We celebrated by wearing purple for Sagol. At morning meeting we introduced two new songs for the week, Popcorn which is a fun movement song, and Poison Ivy by Jim Gill. We even caught them singing them throughout the day. We panted with the primary colors and learned through mixing them the different colors they could make. It was so amazing watching their faces when they discovered how to make all the colors. The kids were full of imagination on the playground. Playing various games of pets, and boat drivers hauling their load behind them. We also worked on our problem solving skills outside while trying to share the waffle blocks. They all worked together and came up with a solution and it was amazing to see. We are pretty proud teachers! After lunch we went on a nice walk. They are get very excited for our almost daily walks. 

Tuesday we had our first day of soccer! The kids loved their coach Mia. We sang different ways to say hello in our morning song. They had a great time exploring through educated risk while jumping outside.  Ms. Whitney and a couple friends made a flower garden out of the flower builders. Our friends are continuing their awesome potty skills today as well. We learned how to use a scissors, and how to use a glue stick! We worked on cutting different color paper onto an apple. We were way ready for nap time after soccer shots! They were worn out. 

Wednesday was a short day but didn’t lack any fun! We started a science experiment where we put apples in different liquids to see which one would preserve the apples the most. We took turns smelling all the liquids and making hypotheses on which one would work the best. They were very interested in it and checked on them throughout the day. We can’t wait to see the progress over the week. Outside the kids played monster with Ms. Eric, they loved getting dragged down the slide by the “monster”. A couple kids were playing house in the boat, when I went to take a picture they said “shhh, the baby is sleeping”. We had our first fire drill of the school year and the kids did great! After that we marched back to the classroom to do open ended painting with kitchen utensils. The kids were busy cooking with the paint and mixing the colors together. 

After a day off of school for Yom Kipper, we are back at it for our last day of the week! We started the day by practicing our soccer skills in the big room. We had challah and juice for snack, while we ate we observed our apple science experiment and checked which apples were getting brown and which were staying white. The apples in salt water and lemonade are they ones staying white. The one in coke and water are getting very brown. We had an awesome time singing and celebrating Shabbat together. We got back and played with slime, they loved feeling the sticky texture. 

Back on Monday we had a very relaxed start to our week. Luckily we were able to go outside a couple times before the rain started. We added stamps to our art area and the kids are loving creating with them. We also explored with bingo Daubers. During the rain we spotted a falcon sitting on the playground. Mr. Eric went to get a closer look and it flew away. We went on a walk around the building after lunch. They love going on walks and seeing all the different things.

Tuesday we started our morning by practicing our basketball skills in the big room. They also turned the big room into a drive through restaurant, it was so funny listening to them order food.  We made towers, and were seeing who could make the biggest!! They worked on fine motor while cutting shapes. We got some extra outside time before soccer shots. We enjoyed the nice weather! 

Wednesday we played a new game called “Yeti in the Spaghetti”, it was a great game to work on taking turns, and following instructions. We also painted cd’s to turn into fruit for the sukkah. During music we sang a song about our family using Hebrew. Some of our tomatoes in the garden were ready to harvest. The kids are amazing helpers. Before lunch we got to explore different fruits and vegetables and cut into them. We talked about the difference between fruits and vegetables. We also got to listen to Adam share his show and tell.

Thursday is our day to have a picnic in the sukkah, the kids are so excited! We went inside it in the morning, and put up our decorations we made and had morning meeting. It was a nice change of scenery. They were full of imagination on the playground. We had games of house and fisherman going on. I love watching them play these types of games together. It’s fun to see what they come up with and their dialog between each other. We celebrated Easton becoming a big brother to his new baby brother Kayson (or Earth if you ask Easton).

Friday was a very exciting day! We changed the theme in our classroom for next week, “farm”. We now have a farm themed dramatic play, farm themed finger puppet, and  farm felt board. We also have a play barn and farm animals. We started our morning with Shabbat. We read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and made our own Chicka Chicka boom boom trees out of blocks and magnetic letters. We also played in shaving cream with letters. Overall we had an amazing week and we can’t wait to start learning about the farm!


Ms. Whitney & Mr. Eric