Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Wednesday September 1st was our first day of the school year, the kids had an awesome time exploring all the new toys, and playing dress up. Early in the morning, Kellan and Kate found a frog on the playground. They found grass and twigs and made it a house. They were amazed by its sticky feet.

We also made apple themed handprints. Their favorite thing to play with was the apple stand. It was so cute listening to them yell “Apples for sale!”. We read a book called “Our classroom is a family”, and we also had music.

Thursday September 2nd we had a group discussion of all the things we could make with apples, they came up with some creative things. It was interesting to me how they could come up with “apple salad” but struggled to remember “applesauce”. We also worked on our fine motor skills by putting apple stickers on drawn apples. Yet again, dressing up was a fan favorite. We even went for a walk in them. They thought it was very cool and special.

Friday the 3rd, we celebrated Shabbat, and played with our Shabbat set. Sticking with our costumes, we also wore them to Shabbat. Together we made apple cinnamon playdough, they loved being apple to pour and mix the ingredients together. We played with it all the way until lunch time. The kids are starting to express their emotions to us, and be able to help work through them.

After the long weekend, we had a fantastic start to our Wednesday. We played with apple slices in the water table outside.

A couple friends also played with playdough, they were working hard making “little people” out of cookie cutters.

We had music in the morning, when we got back we listened to Eric play the different shofar blasts. It didn’t
take long for the kiddos to find a toy phone to blow into as their own shofar. We also played with the Rosh Hashanah kit, and talked about the meaning behind it. Before lunch we made honey and apple prints, and after lunch we went on a walk, we even found some dandelions and sunflowers that had fallen down. The kids love going to see
“Farmer Jake”, it is a crucial stop on our walks now.

Thursday was another awesome day in Sagol. We started our morning out with some large motor play in the big room, we made a house for a stuffed animal. During morning meeting we read Apples on Top by Dr. Seuss. We did a craft that corresponded to the story. Check them out in the hallway! Our science experiment was definitely the
highlight of everyone’s day. We made apple volcanoes (baking powder, dawn dish soap and vinegar). We talked about how those three ingredients do not like each other, and so when they mix, they explode! Watching their faces light up was the best part of the day. After lunch, we had Hebrew with Rabbi Crimmings. We learned: stop, walk, run, run
in place, spin, and jump in Hebrew. She had a fun game that went along with it too.

Friday was a beautiful day, we played outside early in the morning. We had Shabbat and played with our Shabbat set before going. We had a Friday funday dance party with our costumes, which also accompanied us to Shabbat. Who doesn’t like to feel pretty at Shabbat?? After Shabbat we played with paper towel rolls, green popsicle sticks and
pom poms, and we made them into trees. This is a test of balance and fine motor, which they did amazing at. Our dramatic play center was switched to house, and they are enjoying cooking, and setting up the table for a feast!

Next week we will focus more on apples and start the week off with Color Day. Wear purple for Sagol!

-Whitney and Eric