Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we ventured deeper into outer space and learned about the sun, stars, gravity, and the planets in our solar system! 

On Monday we spent the morning exploring more of the space theme toys and getting ready for water play. During circle time we read one of our big books about sun, sky, shadows, and space. Then during snack time we read There’s No Place Like Space.

Tuesday’s activity was working with clay! Everyone worked small bits of clay in their hands to either explore freely or create a moonscape by smushing and spreading their clay flat onto a plate. In the morning we played pretend in the spaceship and science lab. Added to the science lab is now a large cardboard tube decorated to be used as a telescope. 

Wednesday was tropical dress up day! We embraced the last full week of summer session dressed for a beach party and learning a little about native island culture. It was another great day for the sprinkler! We got special extra time outside because there was no regular music class today. 

We had an exciting guest in our class on Wednesday as Ms. Whitney was introduced to everyone! Ms. Whitney is starting at Bet Shalom as the new lead preschool teacher in the fall. She will be working with our class through the end of summer session as well to allow the children to get to know her better before the transition. During snack Ms. Whitney read There’s a Monster at the End of this Book and had to read it twice because it was such a hit! 

Thursday and Friday, Ms. Maddie was on vacation. The class continued space activities, playing with stacking cups and decorating astronaut pictures with stickers.

This is our last summer blog and we wish all the best to our friends moving to PreK in the fall!

-Miss Maddie, Mr. Eric, Miss Whitney