Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we began our journey into infinity and beyond by learning a little about the solar system, outer space, and space travel!

New to the dramatic play area this week was a space shuttle and a rocket control table, with a phone, a panel of buttons, and a laptop. 

On the other side of the room is now a lab and workshop for conducting important rocket science.

To dress the part, there are safety goggles and backpacks to act as astronauts in spacesuits or scientists in the lab with magnifying glasses and calculators as well. 

Along with science and spaceships, our new featured toys are all about magnets and building. We have magnet tiles, textured foam shapes, magnetic dot designer, and magnetic crescent stacking blocks.

Other new toys and activities are space maze tracing pages, mini eraser counters, Rollipop ball tower, and colorful plastic tube builders.  With so many new toys to choose from, everyone had to practice really hard to be patient and wait their turn for things. 

To start the week on Monday, Mr. Eric led the class in a project coloring individually designed planets! These will hang later around the room in our creative solar system.

On Tuesday we explored the new toys as they were brought out and explained how to play with them all. We sang a favorite song at circle time called “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon.” Other related songs are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “I See the Moon.”

On Wednesday it was a little different day because our music class was in the big room! It felt just like old times. Cantor sang songs about mishpacha (family) and Rosh Hashanah (the upcoming Jewish new year).

We got to play in the sprinkler right after snack and then came inside to start on a project. On this day everyone started by coloring in their own rocket picture, and will later finish by drawing a background and pasting their name behind the rocket. 

On Thursday we had another fun morning playing outside in the sprinkler. Then we worked on painting our background to decorate the classroom to feel more like an outer space adventure. Everyone used different colors of glitter paints and white paint to create bright sparkling galaxies against dark black construction paper.

On Friday we will finish our rocket ship names and design our own astronaut space suits. We will round out the week with Shabbat and lots of songs and dancing together!

Next week we will learn more about the sun and planets in our solar system.

Shabbat Shalom!

-Ms. Maddie and Mr. Eric