Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we kept learning about more animals who live in the forests, and playing camping and hiking using the tent, binoculars, and cameras!

On Monday we played with lots of new floor puzzles, matching games, animals, and wood pieces.

At the science table were picture cards of things found in the woods and a few items to explore like rocks, sticks, and pinecones!

The new turf was ready and we got to run around to try it out for a short play time, and then took a nature walk around the pond and garden. After returning from the “nature hike” I gave everyone a clipboard with a BINGO sheet of things to see outside in the woods. After talking about what we saw, we went inside to relax and color it in. 

Monday was also a celebration of Juliet for her 4th birthday! Yom Huledet Sameach to our soon to be pre-k friend. 

On Tuesday it was still not great air quality to run around on the playground, so we took another short walk and brought the BINGO sheets again! Everyone checked off hugging a tree, listening to animal sounds, and seeing something swimming!

After taking a walk and finding even more nature items to check off the list, we had time to do a fun project with animals in paint. Everyone tried dipping the animal toys in brown paint and stamping them around a large green paper to create muddy animal tracks! It was fun to see which toys made which markings.

Wednesday was our first day back at water play on the new turf! We splashed in the sprinkler and enjoyed the new boat to play in. 

During circle time we warmed up our singing voices by practicing some of the songs Cantor has been teaching us at music and Shabbat. 

Throughout all of our free-play times, we have been working on communicating with each other and words to say to express ourselves. We have also been discussing how “No means no” and how to cope with wanting to play with someone or something that is not available to you. I have been hearing the learning happening as more children speak up and use clear, respectful words to say what they need or want, or explain that something is bothering them.

Thursday started off rainy but cleared up enough for us to play on the playground. We didn’t have water play but there were so many new toys to explore! New to the turf are a boat, balance beam, basketball hoops, and the big room caterpillar! 

During circle time we read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and sang “There Was a Great Big Moose” and “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.” 

After the playground we turned off the lights and read about animals at night! Some animals in the forest are nocturnal, which means if you are camping in the woods at night you might hear them! Our favorite sound is the wolf howl. Along with information about different night animals, everyone got white crayons and black paper to draw a nighttime forest scene. Each friend got really creative with their drawings and many added a moon, trees, and an owl. 

Friday our class will get to be the helpers for Shabbat!

We will conclude our camping theme with a bear hunt around the school and move into space and the solar system next week! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Eric