Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we began our camping and forest theme! Transitioning from the beach and on to more adventure vacation activities! 

To set up for the week, there was a campsite area complete with a small tent and plush campfire. Added to the camping dress-up area were backpacks, cameras, binoculars, sunglasses, stove, and play cooking gear. The swimming goggles and fishing game are also still in play! In our kitchen area we kept our grill and lemonade and made the ice cream table now into a picnic table where friends can cookout after hiking the trails.  In the library there are many books about woodland animals and different forest environments. 

Throughout the week there were coloring pages for everyone to color so that we could add animals and nature pictures into our space. 

Monday began with exploration of the new toys. At the science table there are pinecones, rocks, and sticks. 

Added to the block area is a huge bucket of natural wood pieces for building and creating. 

During circle time we said good morning to the pattern of Brown Bear What Do You See? So each person had their name chanted and was asked who they saw, then they responded by naming the next person in the circle looking at them!

The optional group activity on Monday was to color a large paper plate brown to make a bear mask. The plan is to use these for dress up and as props in our favorite songs/stories like Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, and “The Bear Went Over the Mountain.”

Tuesday we had a twin birthday party for our friends Anna and Eve! Yom Huledet Sameach!

At circle time I read a big book called One Gorilla which isn’t exactly about the forest but has some fun types of animals hiding in the book for us to find and count. Tuesday was also a day for painting! This simple group activity involved green and brown paint and the instruction to “Paint a tree.” The patterns and color mixing that each individual created made very realistic trees! I cut out shapes from what was painted and saved these to be taped onto a background that was decorated on Wednesday. 

Wednesday during freeplay there was an invitation to draw or color-in pictures of a forest scene on large butcher paper. This will hang as a backdrop somewhere in our room for our camping dramatic play.

The books we read at circle time were If You Give a Moose a Muffin and Forest Animals. Then we had music in the sanctuary with Cantor and sang lots of fun songs together before having snack and going to play in the big room!

For a quick group activity everyone traced their hands and decorated a large brown piece of construction paper to make moose antler crowns! Some were finished and got to wear them during play time on Thursday.

On Thursday the playground was almost finished but not quite! We have been listening and watching closely to all of the construction outside our windows and the new turf looks awesome! Hopefully the weather and air quality cooperate next week for us to get back to water play! 

For our activity after the big room, we calmed down with some water beads in the sensory bins. 

Then the rest of the day flowed with lots of dramatic play camping, hiking, and swimming! 

On Friday we will have Shabbat and play some games with music like freeze dance and moving like animals!

Next week we will continue our focus on camping activities and the different forest animals.

Shabbat Shalom, have a great weekend!

  • Ms. Maddie and Mr. Eric