Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we learned about more types of ocean animals and the properties of water. It was a weird week with the closure for AC repair and playground updates! 

On Monday we took it slow to stay cool. First thing in the morning everyone got into swimsuits and had a choice to play in water bins with ocean animals. Then we used all of our outside time cooling off in the sprinkler. 

In our dramatic play area there were more beach/ocean themed dress-up items like a mermaid tail and goggles for “swimming.”

There was a smaller group so we had time to do an art project with water colors. We read The Rainbow Fish and painted fish with lots of colors and sparkles to hang with our underwater scene from last week.

Wednesday we were back together and singing lots of underwater songs in the classroom and at music! We taught Cantor Havilio our “Baby Shark” song and also sang “Animals in the Ocean” to the tune of wheels on the bus.

In the classroom we had a new toy borrowed from our friend Easton to play a magnetic fishing game! 

Wednesday and Thursday were more good days to get outside and play in the sprinkler! We brought out some of the larger sea animal toys from our classroom to splash around in the water table as well. 

Thursday included a lot of dramatic play diving and swimming under the sea. During free play many friends chose to play with the ocean-themed books, bingo game, and floor puzzles. 

There was an early morning choice to play with water beads which we also took out again for everyone on Friday!

After the playground on Thursday I offered an activity to color and cut paper bags to make a little jellyfish craft. So many friends love getting a chance to practice with the scissors!

We also read the book What is Water? And did a sink-or-float experiment while eating lunch. It was super exciting to predict which items would sink or float to the top of a clear bucket of water. 

Friday will be another hot day and our playground will begin reconstruction to update the ground to turf, so we will stay inside and swim around the big room! We will also enjoy Shabbat in the sanctuary as a whole school.

Next week we move into our camping and forest theme!

Shabbat Shalom, stay cool this weekend!

  • Ms. Maddie and Mr. Eric